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Cheep cheep! This guide is FRICKIN’ RAW! Don’t worry, in a good way~
[ E X P A N D H E R E ]
Happy New Year, everyone! 2021 is here and with it a new event for FGO!! What can we expect with the first ever New Year Event? Let’s answer that question right now! Here is the NEW YEARS ENMA-TEI EVENT GUIDE + TIPS & TRICKS for FGO NA! Let’s jam~

Lord Ashura’s Website:
Top 10 SR Servants of 2021:
Clairvoyance EX – JAN 2021: TBA

00:00 Intro
00:21 Event Requirements
00:49 Event Information
01:32 Lumber Info
01:45 Servant Bonus + Event CE Drops
03:01 Beni-Enma
03:29 Where to Farm Lumber
03:51 Bounty/Fortune Info
05:20 Event Shop
06:36 Where to Farm Bounties

Written By: Tristan
Edited by: Tristan, Musaki

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@fgo_suri 서리님 안녕하세요 저야말로 잘부탁드려요~ 먼저 인사해주셔서 감사합니다♡

【カルデア広報局より】 2021年1月20日(水)18:00より、期間限定イベント「いざ鎌倉にさよならを ~Little Big Tengu~」開催予定! お知らせ内では、イベント情報を先行してお届け!詳しくは→… #FGO

test ツイッターメディア - 【カルデア広報局より】
2021年1月20日(水)18:00より、期間限定イベント「いざ鎌倉にさよならを ~Little Big Tengu~」開催予定!
お知らせ内では、イベント情報を先行してお届け!詳しくは→ #FGO

【カルデア広報局より】 「FGO ウィンターキャラバン オンライン 2021」Vol.1が配信中!このツイートが30,000RT達成で聖晶石6個プレゼント! ニコ生… #FGO…

【カルデア広報局より】 本日1月17日(日)16:40より「FGO ウィンターキャラバン オンライン 2021」Vol.1が配信!LINEの友達登録をして番組内で実施する視聴者参加型コンテンツを楽しもう!また、番組が視聴できるツイートが3万RT達成で聖晶石6個プレゼント!詳しくは→ #FGO

test ツイッターメディア - 【カルデア広報局より】
本日1月17日(日)16:40より「FGO ウィンターキャラバン オンライン 2021」Vol.1が配信!LINEの友達登録をして番組内で実施する視聴者参加型コンテンツを楽しもう!また、番組が視聴できるツイートが3万RT達成で聖晶石6個プレゼント!詳しくは→ #FGO


  1. Chaldea Gurus より:

    Looking for a FGO community? JOIN our DISCORD SERVER!:
    Are you rolling for Beni-Enma? Lemme know in the comments below!

  2. Allison Dempsey より:

    *After Luis, Aka, Robin, and I come back from our hunting trips carrying two full grown male Elks and rabbits and squirrels, Beni-emna greets us and takes our kills promise in order to prepare a delicious banquet.*
    *Less then half an hour later, Beni-emna invite everyone to the banquet hall where we are greeted and treated to a feast of epic proportions. Luis, Ivan, and I are all there with all of our servants attending. Yuuki has taken over for Anastasia in terms of greeting and registering new hotel guests.*

  3. Dragon spring より:

    Shame I can’t do this event still trudging through lost belt 2.

  4. Ribstein より:

    Am I dumb. is it a time gate right now or what? I’m not getting any new quests. did I get too few points to progress in the story or something?

  5. Jens Kosch より:

    Smooth easy-listening music and a smooth talking Musaki make this guide sound a little like an advertisement for the Enma-Tei – which is kindda fitting. A straight guide without any of the bells and whistles that make other guides so enjoyable; it still is informative. Through I was hoping for a voiced birb-chef and thus was a little disappointed it still is no waste of time and does it’s job (even if part of it is pointing to other sources). Thanks Gurus.

  6. Lord Everwalk より:

    My rolls were kind. Got all the event CE’s (4 each). GSSR gave me Scathach (finally have her, so happy) and I got Beni-Enma in a single 10-pull. Great start to the year. Heheh.

  7. Katsushika Hokusai より:

    Time to make the cheap cheap hotel and onsen!

  8. Aurasviel von Einzbern より:

    Long have we waited, OLD MAN LI ACTIVATED

  9. ed5000mike より:

    I got Beni at NP2

  10. AegisTelos より:

    I’ll be trying to roll for Tamamo in a limited capacity (Summon Tickets only) since I’m saving up for Jeanna Alter. Maybe if I’m lucky, I can also roll Tomoe.