【FGO】Senji Muramasa System – 3T Farming Analysis【Fate/Grand Order】


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We finally get Muramasa implemented in FGO 3 years after his first appearance, but is he worth the hype?
The short answer is yes. He is without a doubt the best Art AoE Looping Saber, while also having the tools to deal with Challenge Quest gimmicks if needed.
In this vid, I will test his performance for 3T farming under the same restrictions I used in my Double Castoria Compatibility vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3ozZovBWPQ)

The CE I used are:
– MLB Black Grail (80% NP dmg up)
– MLB Formal Craft (30% Art up)
– MLB Sign of Smiling Face (15% Art up, 15% NP gen up, 20% NP dmg up)
– MLB Springtime Koto Strings (15% Art up, 15% NP gen up, OC +2 for 1 time)
– MLB Painting Summer (50% Starting NP, 10% Art up, 10% NP gen up)

The enemies I tested against are:
– Lancer – 1.0 NP mod
– Berserker – 0.8 NP mod
– Assassin – 0.9 NP mod, neutral dmg

Some notes:
– As expected, Black Grail gave the most damage and SKS gave the most refund.
– Because the difference in refund is pretty negligible between SKS, FC and SoSF, I skipped testing FC and SoSF after Lancer test.
– He had no trouble looping without MC assist against Lancer.
– He needed 2004 MC to farm Berserker and Assassin.
– In case you don’t have/want to use Castoria, she can be replaced by any 50% charge Support (Waver, Reines, Skadi) if you give Muramasa Painting Summer.
– Lastly, as usual, remember to have fun and use these vids only for reference. Nobody is gonna stop you from using Plugsuit or whatever comp you come up with, as long as it works
for you.

00:00 Against Lancer
05:53 Against Berserker
08:39 Against Assassin
11:44 Single Castoria



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  1. Nozarashi 7 より:

    Have you tried plugsuit Tamamo?

  2. Zan より:

    Welp, to use Summer Mussashi who has class advantage on every node and can loop very reliably or to use Muramasa who is less reliable but looks really cool and is essentially the protagonist of fate. Gacha life is a tough one indeed…

  3. Levi Van Dyne より:

    Kinda suprised you didn’t try Magical Girl of Sapphire ce

  4. Ilham Ghifari より:

    Remember to rotate him with jason during farming. We don’t want old man to be overworked right?

  5. Iron Maiden jeanne より:

    Castoria with CE bond 10, may be loop without skill 3 Muramasa

  6. Jhon Rojas より:

    Should i roll for him even if i have lvl 100 Artoria saber ?

  7. Miyo より:

    Do you need him np2 or is np1 enough ?

  8. Hyperzertoon01 より:

    He’s just fucking broken

  9. Lulu Is on FIRE より:

    Stop it …. you’re making me want to roll for him

  10. KennethTJY より:

    Guys, make sure to read the description for full-fledge details, sometimes written-based information is better and clearer than visual information.