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An updated overview of Bond Points and Bond Levels, what they are used for, and how to maximize your gains. This includes normal Bond Levels and rewards, Lanterns of Chaldea, Bond Point Craft Essences, and the best places to farm for Bond Points.

The GamePress guide for Bond Farming:

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Opening: (0:00)
Intro to Bond Levels: (0:28)
Rewards for Bond Levels: (1:43)
Bond Levels 11 Through 15: (2:49)
Bond Point Craft Essences: (4:06)
Bond Point Farming: (5:59)
Closing: (8:33)

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しかし、FGOに景清が来たということは、みんなで昔を懐かしんで源平討魔伝をプレイするしかありますまい。 うっかりFC版の。


【カルデア広報局より】 2021年1月20日(水)18:00にリニューアルされた「★3(R)牛若丸(ライダー)」の宝具演出「壇ノ浦・八艘跳」をご紹介いたします! #FGO

【カルデア広報局より】 2021年1月20日(水)18:00より期間限定「いざ鎌倉にさよならをピックアップ召喚(日替り)」開催予定! 本召喚で初登場となる期間限定サーヴァント「★5(SSR)平景清」を含む4騎をピックアップいたします!詳しくは→… #FGO

test ツイッターメディア - 【カルデア広報局より】
本召喚で初登場となる期間限定サーヴァント「★5(SSR)平景清」を含む4騎をピックアップいたします!詳しくは→ #FGO

【カルデア広報局より】 【予告】2021年1月20日(水)18:00より期間限定イベント「いざ鎌倉にさよならを ~Little Big Tengu~」開催予定!お知らせ内にイベントの詳細を公開しておりますので、ぜひご覧ください!詳しくは→… #FGO

test ツイッターメディア - 【カルデア広報局より】 
【予告】2021年1月20日(水)18:00より期間限定イベント「いざ鎌倉にさよならを ~Little Big Tengu~」開催予定!お知らせ内にイベントの詳細を公開しておりますので、ぜひご覧ください!詳しくは→ #FGO


  1. Setsuna K Yuuki より:

    Fgo tips forgot one important detail when you Bond level 10 is heroic spirit and you get its craft Essence that craft Essence does not take up inventory by the way I Bond level 10 two heroic spirits okita souji and Francis Drake.

  2. Awerenj より:

    I’m worse than you. I start procrastinating about using a servant once I reach level 9 itself. so a lot of my servants are at bond 9 now and I almost never use them. Never used Bond 10 servants except for 3 turning lottos (arash, merlin and waver)
    The ones ar bond 10 are reserved for those I love more or i needed the bond ce, or i just couldn’t help using for farming lottos and stuff
    Bond 10 servants – EMIYA, Herc, Medusa, Tamamo, Merlin, Waver, Skadi, Arash, Angra
    Bond grailed – Waver (2nd bond grail by end of this month), Skadi, Arash

  3. nanaya より:

    I also have 7 servants at bond 10+ at the moment (na, 600 days). Either low rarity servants (david, spartacus, georgios, kiyohime) or farmers (arash, waver, nitocris). Skadi and Zerklot is getting there as well for obvious reason (and spartacus. I still have no kaleidoscope).

    I try leveling everyone to at least bond level 5 as that’s usually the highest requirement to unlock strengthening/interlude quests (with anri being the sole exception).

    As for worry of maxing out and not using them anymore, yeah, I have same problem.

  4. Tú Trần より:

    2 bond 10 servant of my is helena who help me from the start of the game and arash nuke guy

  5. Qtaro Kujo より:

    I’m perfectly fine before I played FGO . I’m about to lose my sanity because of this game , haven’t got Hokusai last week and this week as well after preparing many catalysts 🙂

  6. Qtaro Kujo より:

    That explains why My Jalter and Eresh got extra bond points in Agartha . But why is my Qin receiving an extra bond points as well in Agartha? HAHAHA

  7. Dinda Priska より:

    I hope JP will release batch of CEs similar to Heroic Portrait with the different servant on each CE.

    Also, this is on my JP account, but I have 5 servants on B10, with one of them is on her way to the B12. Majority of my servants that I use a lot are still around B7-8 (some does still stuck at B5-B6 lmao), with some exception like Arash is on his way to B10.

  8. L Kraut より:

    In NA only Emiya archer, Lancelot berserker (before skadi came) Cu lancer FSN, Arash, Merlin, Waver and Tamamo caster. JP Arash, Herakles, Skadi.

  9. Handsome Stalker より:

    My maxed out bond servants in order are: Hercules, Cu Chulainn (FN), Merlin and Gilgamesh (FN). Working on max bonding Artoria (Caster) and Muramasa atm.

  10. Sitonai より:

    Thank you for the updated guide! Working on Bond 10 Sitonai and Bond 11 Illyasviel! Currently have all Prisma Family Members at Bond 10, can’t wait for Miyu to come out!