Fate/Grand Order – 4 Star Servant Tier List 2021


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2:40 Santa Altera
9:06 Anne & Mary Archer
14:40 Anne & Mary Rider
18:08 Artoria Lancer Alter
23:13 Artoria Alter
27:10 Artoria Alter Santa
30:13 Artoria Lily
33:47 Astolfo
40:08 Atalante Alter
45:37 Atalanta Archer
50:13 BB
55:53 Beowulf
1:02:18 Carmilla
1:07:30 Chacha
1:12:31 Chiron
1:16:30 Chiyome Mochizuki
1:20:25 Circe
1:24:52 Consort Yu
1:30:21 Danzou Katou
1:34:08 Chevalier Deon
1:39:09 Diarmuid Saber
1:43:11 Edison
1:48:06 EMIYA Alter
1:53:22 EMIYA Assassin
1:58:26 EMIYA
2:02:38 Fionn
2:06:28 Frankenstein Berserker
2:09:49 Frankenstein Saber
2:14:08 Fujino
2:19:12 Gawain
2:23:52 Gilgamesh Caster
2:28:04 Gorgon
2:33:25 Helena Archer
2:37:59 Helena Caster
2:43:00 Heracles
2:45:33 Hessian Lobo
2:50:05 Ibaraki Berserker
2:54:16 Ibaraki Lancer
2:59:28 Ishtar Rider
3:03:47 Jeanne Alter Berserker
3:08:45 Jeanne Alter Lily Santa
3:13:05 Kintoki Rider
3:16:19 Kiyohime Lancer
3:20:15 Kuro
3:22:38 Lancelot Berserker
3:26:53 Lancelot Saber
3:29:55 Lanling
3:33:57 Irisviel
3:37:01 Li Lancer
3:40:43 Liz Mecha
3:46:21 Liz Caster
3:49:00 Liz Lancer
3:51:38 Liz Saber
3:55:08 Marie Caster
3:58:12 Marie Rider
4:01:34 Martha Rider
4:05:18 Martha Ruler
4:08:40 Mashu & Ortinax Mashu
4:10:42 Medb Saber
4:14:51 Medea Lily
4:18:21 Medusa Lily
4:21:26 Raikou Lancer
4:24:39 Heroine XX
4:29:35 Miyu
4:32:48 Mordred Rider
4:36:29 Nero Saber
4:40:35 Nezha
4:43:14 Nitocris Assassin
4:46:12 Nitocris Caster
4:49:13 Nobu Archer
4:53:19 Nobu Berserker
4:57:05 Nursery Rhyme
5:00:50 Parvati
5:03:53 Passionlip
5:08:33 Penthesilea
5:10:58 Qin Liangyu
5:16:07 Quetz Santa
5:19:30 Rama
5:22:40 Sakamoto Ryouma
5:25:15 Scathach Assassin
5:28:45 Queen of Sheba
5:32:34 Shiki Assassin
5:35:49 Shuten Caster
5:39:50 Siegfried
5:43:00 Sieg
5:45:49 Stheno
5:49:32 Suzuka Gozen
5:52:49 Tamamo Cat
5:55:50 Tomoe Gozen
5:59:25 Tristan
6:02:55 Ushiwakamaru Assassin
6:06:30 Valkyrie
6:10:31 Vlad Extra
6:13:20 Wu Zetian
6:16:12 Yagyu Munenori
6:19:46 Yan Qing

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  1. Myst より:


    Also, you can find full timestamps in the description~ Keep in mind a few placements were changed at the end.

  2. hollowficate より:


  3. Cort_ ex より:

    I have tamacat np5 she is above c+ now

  4. Kuro Yoake より:

    Me : Searching FGO tier list in youtube
    Someone : Dude, thats 3 years ago Tier list…

    )_-_ finnaly someone will not telling me that again!

  5. Jamesmesin より:

    This is great, keep up the work!

  6. GoldenRailgun より:

    While I say that this list is really well done, I’ll have to say that the bias against Alter Egos is too harsh. Yes they’re not a great class at all, but they’re not rubbish either, as that versatility comes in handy at many farming nodes that have mixed cavalry classes.

    That’s why seeing Mecha Eli in C+ really disappointing. Although having a triple buster deck, her NP gain from her arts card, especially if you get a crit, is strong and her NP, after using her 3rd skill, is a complete monster. She’s an easy B+ for me.

    The only other one that I change would be Marie Rider, as I think Martha Rider should swap places with her due to having a more reliable support set up for the whole team and better NP gain, but it would still be close between the two of them.

  7. Ploy Burnie より:

    Rider Anne Mary coming this never.

  8. Pitou より:

    Can’t wait for the 5* list, you know there’s going to be so much salt.

  9. TheLolrider より:

    Hell yeah

  10. Ilham Ghifari より:

    So i tried my fionn lv 80 7/10/7 1k in magical girl cq. With relatively cheap team comp (tamamo and para, with meat shield), he drown those magical girl into oblivion. His skill 2 protect team for countless time. In my opinion, he deserve A tier.